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Wood Protection Association 
2022 Awards & Conference 

WPA 2022 Awards & Conference logo

Event held 29 - 30th June 2022

David Stewart WPA 2022 golf day winner

It was another great year for the WPA annual event. The Awards celebrate all that is good in the timber industry – we saw some fantastic construction projects. There was actual networking with colleagues in the same room - not over Zoom and learning and collaborating at conference. 



The whole event relies on sponsorship funding. A big thank you to all of the sponsors who continue to support the WPA, Arxada, BSW Group and Impra being this year's main Awards event sponsors.


Special thanks goes to Sean Getson and Bond Timber sponsors of this year's Golf tournament. The individual prize was won by David Stewart of WJ Group.

WPA 2022 Awards sponsors

These Awards are a showcase for all that’s best about the wood protection sector of the timber industry and recognise excellence in areas that are vital to business success. 

This year the trophies have been crafted from Accoya® Color from Accsys and utilises unique technology to produce a new wood product which is coloured grey from surface to core.  The grey colour pre-empts the process of natural weathering, ensuring a consistently beautiful appearance from day one. 

Accoya WPA 2022 award

Award sponsors:

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impra logo
koppers logo
Teknos logo

Flame Retardant Treated Wood Project of the Year

Sponsored by Impra

Winner Woodsafe


Awarded to Illulissat Icefjord Centre, Greenland. 

Interior oak panels adorn this fantastic building -treated with Woodsafe PRO.

Icefjord Centre
Icefjord Centre interior
woodsafe green logo

Modified Wood Project of the Year

Sponsored by Teknos

Winner Accsys (Accoya)


Awarded for Google HQ, London - currently under construction.

(CGI image Copyright Google)

Google HQ, Kings Cross
Accoya logo
Jon Mears and Justin Peckham

left to right: Jon Mears (Teknos) presents to Justin Peckham (Accsys).

Preservative Treated Wood Project of the Year

Sponsored by Koppers

Winner Marley


Awarded for the use of CitiDeck anti-slip decking construction at Clifford's Tower, York (image: English Heritage).

Clifford's Tower
Marley logo
Laura Qualters and Paul Cave

left to right: Paul Cave (Koppers) presents to Laura Qualters (Marley)

Trader of the Year

Sponsored by Arxada

Winner BSW Timber


Awarded for outstanding customer service, marketing initiatives and good trading practice.

BSW Timber Group Logo
The Bigger book BSW
John Abbot and James Brennan

left to right: John Abbott (Arxada) presents to James Brennan (BSW) 

2022 WPA award winners
Gordon Ewbank conference
2022 Conference speakers

Making the Most of Wood Conference 2022  

Our half day conference starting got to grips with the big issues and talking points of the wood protection industry.  

Charlie Law
Ed Suttie
Dave Hopkins
Callum Hill

Keynote Speech
Charlie Law TDUK  

The role of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s)

What are Environmental Product Declarations and why they hold the key to verifying the sustainability credentials of treated wood and help to overcome misperceptions about the use of durability enhancing wood protection products in construction.


Ed Suttie BRE

WPA field trial of preservative impregnated fence posts – year 7 performance 

In 2015 WPA contracted BRE to establish and report on the durability performance of preservative impregnated home grown timber fence posts. The seven-year inspection is currently being carried out and Ed will give conference the highlights of how the spruce, pine, larch and Douglas fir posts are performing.

Dave Hopkins TDUK

TTF Treated wood action plan and progress to QA of treatment processes 

Members of the TTF voted overwhelmingly in late 2019 to support a three-stage strategy to grow demand for preservative treated wood. Stages 1 and 2 were focused on raising buyer awareness about how to specify treated wood correctly and identify it correctly in sales materials. Stage 3 was a move to third-party quality verification of the treatment process. Dave will give conference an update on how the Action Plan is working.

Callum Hill JCH Industrial Ecology Ltd

Wood modification: hope or hype?
 It's more than 15 years since modified wood technologies started to be used on a commercial scale to enhance the durability of wood. Callum Hill has been at the forefront of modified wood from the outset. Often hailed as the future of treated wood Callum will give conference an overview of the most recent developments and what lies ahead for modified wood.  

Conference sponsors:

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Wood Campus
Richard Pinner at WPA 2022 event

After Dinner Entertainment

Once again the amazing magician and all-round entertainer Richard Pinner  amazed us as part of the Awards evening.

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