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James Donaldson Timber yard

Södra treatment Plant

Södra treatment plant

Find a supplier here, from preservative treaters to technical consultants.

WPA Members, Treated Timber Products and Services

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Treatment suppliers who hold WPA Benchmark Approved accreditation have gained valid independent assessment and verification of the quality of a product and/or service.

Preservative Treaters & Treated Wood Suppliers

Preservative Chemical Manufacturers

Flame Retardant Treaters & Treated Wood Products

Flame Retardant Chemical Manufacturers

Manufacturers & Products

Design & Supply

Manufacturers & Application

Timber preservative treaters & treated wood suppliers

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Members who are National Highways Sector Scheme 4 certified

Every aspect of highways construction and repair is covered by a specific sector scheme. Procedures for treated wood fencing specification and procurement is covered in Sector Scheme 4 (SS4). Companies must be ISO9001 certificated as SS4 compliant before they can bid for treated wood supply contracts on highways projects.


Much of the SS4 Scheme Document published by UK Accreditation Services (UKAS) is based on and makes direct reference to WPA Quality Guidance Note 2 (QGN2) and the specifications and practices set out in the WPA Code of Practice: Industrial Wood Preservation. 

Manufacturers: Preservatives & Flame Retardants 

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Flame Retardant
Treaters & Treated Timber Products

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Certification of the factory process used to apply STA approved flame retardant on timbers used in the construction phase of a building.

Modified Wood 

Coatings & Coating Service Providers

Application Treatment Plant: Design & Supply

Commercial members

Associate Bodies

Independent Consultantcy Services

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These independent consultants have experience and competence in advising on wood protection technologies and may be able to offer expert witness services. 

Member & Benchmark Treaters
Modified wood
FR treaters
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