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NEW Code of Practice - Standards of Training 

17 June 2024

To support employers of timber treatment plant operators, the Wood Protection Association (WPA) has published new guidance on the required standards of training in safe and effective wood preservation.

Modern timber preservative formulations contain biocidal products. Under health and safety at work regulations (HSE) there are legal obligations to ensure industrial users of such products (i.e. plant operators), have received appropriate information, instruction and training in their use.

It is the responsibility of employers to provide training and ensure the competency of their plant operators. The new WPA Code of Practice (CoP) will help them ensure they are meeting their obligations.

WPA Code of Practice Standards of Training-1.jpg

The CoP sets out content that should be included to provide a structured training programme. There are 7 modules which cover the basics of operating or supervising a wood treatment installation and additional learning to include why and how wood is treated. Each one includes learning outcomes and assessment criteria in line with the National Occupational Standards for wood preservation

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