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Flame Retardant  Treated Wood

Modified Wood

Preservative Treated Wood


Training & Webinars

WPA Wood Selection Guide

The WPA Wood Selection Guide

Explore flame retardant treated wood, naturally durable wood, preservative treated wood, modified wood, wood-based sheet materials and engineered wood products.

The environmental, sustainable and economical benefits of using Wood

Go to Building with Wood for more information from expert organisations.

Need to get in touch?

If you cannot find the answer to your question within any of the listed publications, please get in touch. We have knowledgable people based in the UK office as well as numerous technical consultant members we can call upon to assist you.

Go to CONTACT US page or give us a call.

WPA 2023 event
WPA 2023 event logo

WPA 2023 Event & Conference

We had a great 2-day event in Coventry. Read about the award winners and conference summary... 

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