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WPA Resources: Training & Webinars

All WPA video content is also hosted on our YouTube channel


NEW Making the most of wood WEBINAR 2021

Hosted by WPA CEO Gordon Ewbank this educational training webinar details the principles involved with the correct specification and use of preservative treated wood.

NEW Let's Talk Treated Timber WEBINAR 2021

Hosted by TTF's David Hopkins and Nick Boulton as well as WPA's Gordon Ewbank, this live recording of a joint member event was held on 24th March 2021. It covers the development of the TTF Action Plan and how members can comply and engage.

Understanding the Supply Chain of Flame Retardant treated wood products WEBINAR 2020

WPA CEO - Gordon Ewbank presented this webinar to members of the Timber Trade Federation and WPA in May 2020.  

Enhancing the performance of wood-based products in fire WEBINAR 2019

WPA CEO - Gordon Ewbank presented at the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) on 24 July 2019. 

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Free On-Line Courses from Wood Campus

Dip into these free CPD courses, many RIBA accredited, for information about a specific topic, or complete the full course. You don’t need to pre-register for access. On successful completion of a course and assessment, you will be asked for your email so Wood Campus can send you a CPD certificate.

Fire Safety and FR-Rated Timber

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