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Wooden Home Framing
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Wood Protection

Helping to ensure construction timber is fit for purpose

Choice of Treatments

If you’re an architect, engineer, landscaper or contractor working with wood, you’ll know your choice of timber is vital to the look and cost of a project. However, in terms of longevity and performance, it’s important to consider specifying an industrial, factory applied pre-installation treatment – they fall into 3 categories:

Wood Modification

Flame retardants work by making wood more difficult to ignite and by slowing the rate at which a fire can develop – allowing more time for escape

Heat or chemical modification processes change characteristics of timber – such as improved durability and dimensional stability 

Preservative Treatment

Timber preservatives for softwood  components applied by pressure impregnation, provide tailored levels of protection from decay and insect attack. 

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All of our resources are free to view and download. Please contact us if you have questions about any aspect of wood protection specification, quality assurance or application good practice.

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