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Corporate Code of Practice

Principles of Conduct

The Wood Protection Association Ltd (WPA) staff, officers and contracted consultants will seek to achieve the highest standards, will offer our services honestly and honourably in a fair manner and encourage our member companies and stakeholders to do the same. 

We shall behave in a professional manner and will respect the reputation of our sector and the other organisations with whom we work. 

We will undertake to promote co-operation within the sectors in which we work and between members, customers and suppliers. In doing this, we will seek to identify, apply and promote good practice throughout the supply chain. 

We will commit to improving the performance and reputation of the sector or sectors in which we work. 

We will endeavour to maintain and improve the quality of our work through regular review of our aims, activities and outcomes, and the cost- effectiveness of every activity. 

We will follow the rules of any public body to which we make representation and, where appropriate, seek guidance from the public body on any rules of relevance. 

We will pay our bills promptly and encourage the same of our members and suppliers. 


We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in all our dealings with potential, current and past members as well as other stakeholders. 

We recognise that our members may be in direct competition. We strive to avoid showing any preference towards any member organisation or individual over another and endeavour to maintain an independent position in our dealings with them. 

We will ensure that all relevant competition laws are respected by our members in their dealings with us and each other, where such dealings have been facilitated by us. 

We will never offer any financial or other inducement, including direct and indirect payments, offers of employment or substantial gifts or entertainment, to any member, prospective member or holder of public office in an attempt to influence any decision making process which may affect our organisation or our industry in any way. 


Transparency and Openness

We are clear and precise about our identity and any industry or sector that we may represent. 

We will endeavour to represent the common interests of all members. 

Where there is diverging opinion within the membership, we will seek to present a balanced case respecting the different interests involved. 

Where appropriate we will work with non- members and other associations in allied sectors on matters of joint concern. 

We will clearly declare any relevant financial or other links to public office holders in order to ensure that he or she is protected from any potential conflict of interest. 

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the truth and accuracy of any statements made to or information provided to any third party in order to never knowingly make false or misleading claims or misrepresent the views of others. 



We will always try to maintain commercial confidentiality and will protect all personal information received in the course of providing business services. 


We shall take reasonable endeavours to safeguard the confidences of all members and past members and shall not disclose these confidences to their disadvantage or prejudice unless the member has released such information for public use or has given permission for disclosure. 


Discriminatory Conduct

We will strive to take reasonable care that all professional duties are conducted without causing offence on the grounds of gender, race, religion, disability or any other form of discrimination or unacceptable reference. 


Issued by: Stephen Young, Chairman. Issued: 30 April 2021
Approved by the directors of The Wood Protection Association Ltd

Registered in England & Wales - Company Number: 5596489

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