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2024 embodied carbon data TDUK

Embodied Carbon Data for Timber Products

Timber Development UK (TDUK) 26 February 2024

Timber Development UK (TDUK) has just published average carbon data for more than 95% of timber consumed in UK. The data will support architects, engineers and other specifiers to make accurate assessments of the carbon impacts of their material choices as early in the design process as possible – when they have the greatest ability to influence them.


All materials have an embodied carbon value, which reflects the emissions from all stages of production, use and end of life. This data is normally captured in the form of a verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). This Timber Knowledge Sheet provides weighted average A1-A4 embodied carbon data for a number of common timber products, and outlines the methodology used to calculate them.

“If we are to achieve national and international targets to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, we need to measure, understand, and significantly reduce the embodied carbon within the buildings and infrastructure we construct. EPDs are key for specifiers to design low-carbon assets, helping them accurately assess the impact of their designs and material selections."

Charlie Law - Sustainability Director TDUK

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